Weekend Relaxing Activities

Weekends is the great time to recharge energy after a long and tired week, beside usual activities such as: play video game, go to the bar and club or shopping mall,… we're also got some option for you guys:

1. Meditation

Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. You can also use it to relax and cope with stress by refocusing your attention on something calming. Meditation can help you learn to stay centered and keep inner peace.
And these benefits don't end when your meditation session ends. Meditation can help carry you more calmly through your day. And meditation may help you manage symptoms of certain medical conditions.

2. Jogging

Jogging is a type of running that takes place at a slow and steady pace, usually less than six miles per hour. As a result, while jogging is less strenuous than running, it is more difficult than walking. The purpose of jogging is to keep a consistent pace throughout the workout without putting too much pressure on the body. Because jogging is less stressful on the body than running, it can be done for longer periods of time.

3. New place to read book

A source of inspiration usually come when we stay in inspried-place, we got some idea for you such as:

  • The Beach:

  • Fireplace: Curling up with a cup of something warm as wood logs pop in a big stone hearth. There’s an immense comfort to be taken in reading in front of a crackling fire, as long as you keep your books well away from the licking flames.

  • At a cozy:

  • A hammock:

Which activity you want to try first on this weekend? Please share with us!!
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